Top SEO Blogs You Should Be Reading In 2015

The whole concept of Digital Marketing is constantly changing. Every year is different from the one before, even every six months. In the past year we have witnessed numerous Google updates, and with them came an undeniable increase in the importance of social media, natural & editorial backlinks.

Is SEO dead? We have heard this question all over the internet last year, and the answer is a big “NO” of course! SEO is not dead, just changing, improving and becoming more and more crucial for online entities. Online businesses should be more careful, unique and useful for thier users. As an online entity, you need to stay updated with the latest improvements in the sector and the ever growing online world.

The best way to stay updated is to regularly read the latest articles from authoritative Digital Marketing blogs.

There are tons of Digital Marketing blogs on the internet but I would like to list some of the well-known and reliable ones here (they are also my favourite top seo blogs) :


Moz Blog


Any small business can benefit from Moz Blog. They have been in the SEO industry since 2004. They are famous for publishing useful guides for beginners and also some advanced materials. Also Rand Fishkin ( Search Marketing Guru ) gives us weekly updates every Friday with Whiteboard Friday.

Another great part of this blog is that everybody can contribute about Search and Social Media Marketing to help each other and the readers. They also have some useful online SEO tools for users to help with their daily SEO researches.

Find this blog here.


Search Engine Land


They always have several articles on one subject. They are the first with latest news in the sector. Some of the big SEO guys write on there as well.

The blog consists few categories such as Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, Retail etc. Each section has its own blog roll and tons of recent updates from the sector. One of my favourite authors is Jayson DeMers and I am quiet enjoying reading his observations and forecasts.

Find this blog here.


Search Engine Journal


This blog let guests be the contrıbutor, so you can find different topics and point of views here. They also cover the latest news with useful and interesting comments and videos.

They cover plenty of area from SEO to Eterpreneur Topics and support these topics with useful video, infographic and statistics.

One of my favourite authors is Neil Patel from this blog. He gives us tons of practical shortcuts about SEO and shows us that the process actually isn’t that difficult.

Find this blog here.


The Google Blog


This is the blog that never ages. They always update and publish the latest news from first hand. However you cannot find and tips or useful guides here, mostly formal updates. But still good to know the latest news first hand.

It is also beneficial to get the information from the first hand then read from other blogs’ point of views. This gives us a chance to compare these  opinions about sector update.

Find this blog here




This one is another one of my favourite blogs. It mostly focuses on SEO and Link Building strategies. Brian Dean, one of my favourite SEO guys gives us important updates on “What do the latest updates mean for you and your business”, “how you should be doing your back link building” and those types of insightful guides. If you want to increase your traffic, then you shouldn’t miss this blog.

Find it here.



Publishing latest news from the industry is not enough. A professional blogger should analyse the news after receiving and convert it into the way that its users can understand and also add points to help the users to understand how these updates apply to their businesses, and how they will be affected by them so they can prepare themselves and their sites according to the new updates. If you keep up to date with these blogs, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be successful with your SEO efforts. Just make them part of your routine and try to read them on a daily or at least weekly basis. But you need to be picky about these blogs!

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    Thanks for sharing. Worth reading! As a proper guide to which SEO blogs we should read in 2015. I have gone through already those blogs and they do contain really valuable information.

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