Time Doctor: Wonderlabs Review

We’ve been using Time Doctor now for about 8 months in the labs office and thought we’d do a little review on what each of us think when using it. Some are positive and some are negative. For all of you who have never used it before, i’ll give you the jist of what it does.

Time Doctor is a tool which helps organise and track time management. Each day you can create a task list of work that needs to be carried out and then as you perform the task, it tracks the amount of time it takes for the task to be completed. For me, below is an example of how my day looks:


And for those who have used Time Doctor before, I’d love to know what your thought’s are on using it. Did you find it useful? Or did you prefer not using it?

Here are the Wondernauts opinions on it:

Wondernaut Kirk – Technical Director

wondernaut-kirk-circleManaging your time when in a web development environment is usually quite a difficult task. With many developers suffering longer than expected development times resulting in financial losses. Time Doctor allows developers to track the amount of time they are sending on projects and consequently enables them to adjust their pricing structure to become more profitable. (if it didn’t crash every 10 mins causing your computer to lock up)

Wondernaut Joe – SEO Executive

joe-wondernaut-circleHonestly. With the work I do as an SEO, I chop and change so often that constantly updating time doctor is cumbersome and adds nothing to my workflow. If anything it makes my workflow not flow at all. Also crashes like every 10 minutes.



Wondernaut Arni – Creative Director

wondernaut-arni-circleStaying on top of it can take some getting used to. But once you’re in the habit of it, it’s as simple as a few clicks. From a management perspective, it’s been invaluable in allowing us to manage ACTUAL time spent on tasks and retrospectively cost our services from there. We have so many clients, that if we didn’t track the time spent on each, we wouldn’t know whether clients are getting too much or too little. It’s a great tool, but the condescending language used in it can be annoying!


Wondernaut Craig – Production Director

wondernaut-craig-circleTime Doctor has enabled us to keep better track of the time spent on projects, allowing us to quote more accurately, and deliver projects on time. The ability to integrate task lists from other programs such as Asana (which I can also highly recommend) into Time Doctor makes completing tasks easier and allows us to be more organised as a company. Unlike everyone else, I’ve not had any issues with crashing.


Wondernaut Alex – Social Media Assistant

wondernaut-circle-alexI love Time Doctor. As a social media girl, I find that it’s helped me managing my time on each clients project and tasks, as well as keeping me organised. It’s so easy to use! All you have to do is add in your tasks (which save in there so you can use them daily), and click on each one you are working on, and boom! It start’s timing you. I haven’t actually had any issues with it crashing like other’s have, but the one thing I would like it to do (in the future) is to automatically know what tasks & projects your working on so that you don’t have to do anything on it at all.

Wondernaut Gokhan – SEO Executive

gokan-wondernaut-circleI think it’s a great tool to track your time during work hours. It’s not only allows you to manage your time between tasks, but also allows your managers or supervisors to see a clean picture on time management. There is a downside though, it crashes quite a lot!

  • Rob Rawson

    Hi guys, sorry to hear it’s crashing a lot. We do get some crash reports but not a huge amount (meaning it’s a low percentage of people that get any crashes). It’s strange that it was crashing for several people in the team and I would love to investigate it more. Any chance of messaging support about it?