Make Your Blog Posts POP! on Twitter

If you are looking to make your wordpress blog posts look sexy when shared on social networks, there are some very simple rules to follow.

twitter card implementation

No one likes ugly posts

This fact should be more widely known than it is. Some site owners, businesses and others will happily post out their content looking like it was vomited out by an automated sharing tool, and guess what, most wordpress posts are… including this one! Im going to show you some very simple tools that are going to make your automated posts a little more interesting and importantly…more clickable!

Twitter Cards

This first option is a great option if you are looking to rely on tools such as Jetpack or other social sharing plugins to automatically whizz your article onto your social networks once you have posted. It will allow your post (when shared) to be read for it’s twitter card meta data and displayed in a lovely way that you define. These cards cover many different formats, but I will be covering a simple “Summary card with Large Image” a list of the cards available can be seen here. Let’s take a look what a post would look like with and without twitter card meta data.

without twitter card

This wonderful feature of the social network we all love to hate to love to hate…(I could go on) doesn’t have to be tricky to implement. If you have limited coding experience and don’t want to hassle (pay) your developer for such a small tweak there is a wonderfully simple way to to get this feature rolled out on your blog thanks to every SEO’s best wordpress-based friend Yoast and his WordPress SEO plugin. Once you have installed this handy plugin in your WordPress blog (If you need a hand with this check out this post from You will be met with a new tab in your left sidebar like the one below.


(WARNING – SOME features could make changes to your site that could damage SEO, don’t change any other settings unless you are happy you know what you are doing – WARNING) Now that I have warned you all, after clicking into it you will have a multitude of selections, the one you want for this purpose is ‘social’ head on over to the twitter tab and fill in your details. You will want to make sure you tick the box to add the meta data (highlighted below) add in your twitter handle without the ‘@’ and for this purpose select ‘Summary with Large Image’


The last step is to head on over to the twitter card validator tool to check that your twitter card data is working. Sign in with your twitter account, and simply enter the URL of a previous post to verify that the twitter card meta data has been implemented correctly you should see a screen like the one below. The first time you do this you will be prompted to become ‘whitelisted’ by twitter this is a simple and speedy process.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 15.58.15

Now that you have this set the twitter card meta data will be embedded into every post, automatically using the first image in the content as your twitter image. but what’s that I hear you cry?! You don’t have an awesome image to bring your post alive?! NO fear. I have a great little tool for you. Step forth Canva.

Canva – Magical Picture Magic.

If you are having a creative meltdown and need to come up with a stylish image to have in your post to be featured nicely on social media then look no further than this great tool for quickly creating blog assets with their great suite of easy to use tools. Go check it out and start making your posts look gooooooood.

The Result

So you have everything set up, you have just written a beautiful blog post with some delightful images. How will it look? Only one way to find out! Get Posting!

  • Greg Strandberg

    Helpful stuff here that I’ll have to come back and figure out later. Who doesn’t want to blow their Twitter opponents away?

    • Joe Sturgess

      Thanks Greg! It really is quite simple to get done once you have it done once. If you need any help or further tips feel free to get in touch! Glad you enjoyed the post :)