6 John Lewis Christmas Adverts (2009-2014) to get you feeling festive

Yes it’s early November, but c’mon, we’re not as guilty as the supermarkets stocking advent calendars in October! We all get that feeling of excitement when it’s getting close to Christmas and it’s not truly Christmas until John Lewis have launched their latest Christmas ad campaign. Which they now have!

Why is it that we love John Lewis adverts so much? Strange when you think of it isn’t it. Usually you can’t wait for an advert to be over when you’re watching  TV, sitting there impatiently waiting. But when a John Lewis Christmas advert comes on, the room falls to silence, and everyone is focused on nothing else but the TV. It’s because their stories give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a little heart-warming, tearjerker advert from John Lewis.

Here are the last 6 John Lewis Adverts including the very latest ad. How do you think it compares to the last? Leave a comment if you think it’s up to scratch.

2014 – Monty The Penguin

  • 301+ views so far on YouTube

 2013 – The Bear & The Hare

  • 13,102,173 views on YouTube

2012 – The Journey

  • 4,690,958 views on YouTube

2011 – The Long Wait

  • 141, 702 views on YouTube

2010 – A Tribute To Givers

  • 1,371,544 views on YouTube

2009 – Remember The Feeling

  • 109,082 views on YouTube