8 Amazing iPhone Apps We Can’t Live Without


Gokhans screenshot - iphone1. Spotify – because I can’t live without music

2. Viber –  to call everyone from all around the world for free

3. Instagram – love to capture moments and share

4. Facebook – need to stay connected with all my friends

5. MyFitnessPal – healthy life is important

6. Spending Manager – I like to keep in control of my spendings

7. Rookie – love stylish photo effects as well

8. Google Drive – what would I do without my cloud






Kirk-screenshot-iphone1. Twitter – Use it to see whats going on across the world in various niches

2. Google Maps  - To find my way around, I rely on SatNav for everything

3. Santander SmartBank - Keeping track of my spending (obsessively)

4. Alien Blue (reddit) - Funnies right there, a good pick-me-up!

5. Spotify - Essential app for drive to work and gym

6. Youtube - Again funny stuff, sometimes use it to send YT vids to my LG TV

7. Omvana - Absolutely live my life by this app, use it every night when in bed and sometime in the morning for meditation

8. Messages (built in) - Some of the happiest and saddest moments happened through this app. Essential for life’s communications needs



1. Instagram – Selfie central! Can’t go long without taking a cheeky selfie or a random photo on Insta.

2. Pinterest – Fashion, fashion fashion. I’m on it everyday, upping my boards – follow me for fashion inspiration www.pinterest.com/alexmwalters1

3. Google Drive – Personal, work and other. Need to be able to get on it most days to read through notes, or create more of them

4. Brighton and Hove Live Bus Times – Yes I’m a bus …! Think i’d drive myself insane not having access to the live bus times on my phone for when I’m out shopping, or at a bus stop with no live times.

5. Spotify – Can’t get through the day without music drumming through my ears, especially on the bus home. It gets me out of work mode and into relaxation mode

6. Whatsapp Messenger – The easiest way to message online instead of texting. It’s great! I’d be very upset if one day I couldn’t use it.

7. Facebook – I like to wake up and browse (and be nosey) through my Facebook feed in the mornings and on the bus home.

8. Natwest Online Banking – Being able to check your balance whenever you want too is by far the best thing! Especially for someone like me who thinks she’s some millionaire who can afford anything she wants the minute she gets paid (hides her face in shame)


Arni-screenshot-iphone1. Google Maps – Apple Maps never recovered from its disastrous launch unfortunately for me. Google Maps is the one and I’m loving the new material design.

2. IMDB – I’m a massive film and television fan. Anytime I recognise an actor and want to see what else they’ve been in, or if I’m about to watch a movie and check its rating first, this app is my bible.

3. Relay – A GIF messenger app that’s as practical as it is hilarious. As much as I love WhatsApp, I’m starting to use this more as it’s basically the same thing with GIF’s included. What’s not to love!

4. VSCOcam – Pro camera app which puts Instagram filters to shame. A bit pricey, but worth it.

5. Plex – My media player for all movies and TV shows. Makes Netflix look like a VHS player.

6. Tweetbot – The best client for Twitter in my opinion, complete with gorgeous UI and sound effects.

7. Spotify – All my music, all the time, in my pocket.

8. Clear – The most beautiful to-do lists that ensure I actually get things done.

Honourable mentions:
– Whatsapp Messenger
– Find my Friends
– Podcasts
– Snapchat
– Skype
– Heyday


craig-screenshot-iphone1. Whatsapp Messenger – By far the best messaging service out there

2. Camera – Does this really need a reason?

3. Fitbit - The official app that syncs with my fitbit in order to track my exercise and much more… I have a feeling this will be soon replaced once the Apple Watch comes out

4. Spotify – Music whenever I want it (usually in the car)

5. TopCashBack – If you’ve not used it, try it… money back from normal online purchases

6. Money Dashboard – Keep track of all of your financial accounts in one place.

7. Sky Remote – Record TV on the go from Sky. (I also include Sky Go with this… a genius service)

8. BBC Sport – Sport updates from the BBC (usually Football or F1)