10 of the Biggest Social Media Fails from Brands and Celebs

One of the downsides for brands and celebrities to have immediate access to their fans is the occasional social hiccup, which happens to happen in front of the whole world. Here are some of the biggest:

Rita Ora

rita ora tweet

Rita Ora tweeted that she would release her new single on Monday if the tweet gained 100,000 retweets.  Out of her 4 million followers only 1,000 retweeted her. The tweet was soon deleted. She released her new song anyway. Awkward.

Ellen DeGeneres

ellen degeneres i phone

Samsung paid Ellen DeGeneres to turn the Oscars into a commercial for it’s Samsung Galaxy phone, which she used to take the most retweeted selfie of all time. Moments later, the Twitter site logged her as using ‘Twitter for iPhone’ when she tweeted a photo of herself backstage. Busted.

James Franco

james franco 2

This one’s a bit touchy. James Franco tried to hook up with a 17 year old girl who he met outside a broadway show. She took a selfie with him and tagged him on Instagram, which lead to a night of  flirting and an invitation to his hotel room. She was technically legal in the state of New York. Still though…

Celeb Boutique


What Celeb Boutique didn’t know was, #Aurora was trending due to a scathing backlash from Twitter users.

Peppa Pig:

peppa pig facebook hack

Maybe not Peppa Pig’s fault so much this one, but children visiting the Facebook page of the popular television character were told to “go to hell” after hackers posted a series of abusive updates.


katie price - snickers

It was discovered that Snickers were paying celebrities, including Katie Price and Rio Ferdinand to get clicked holding Snickers bars. They casually slipped these photos in amongst uncharacteristic tweets about the economy and knitting.  According to the UK’s office of fair trading, it’s illegal to advertise to audiences without making it explicitly clear that it is advertising. They were later cleared of the controversy. Close one.



Out of context, this doesn’t seem so bad. But it was tweeted smack-bang in the middle of the Tesco horse-meat crisis.

Kenneth Cole

kenneth cole

Kenneth Cole made light of the 2011 protests in Egypt with this cheeky tweet.

Spearmint Rhino Gentleman’s Club

gentlemens club

Spearmint Rhino posted a baby picture of an employee on Facebook who (judging by the date) is only 15 years old.



This one, during the Casey Anthony trial, where Entenmanns didn’t check the trending hashtag before sending their tweet. Research before you tweet!