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Social Media Marketing

to bring your business
into the 21st century

Social media is driving our world. Your customers are using it and so are your competitors. As an expert social media agency, we make sure you’re not only on social networking sites too, but are maximising social media to its full potential, allowing your business to flourish.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is utilising the power of social media, in particular networks such as Facebook and Twitter, to promote your business, connect with your customers and build your brand online in a simple and inexpensive way. There are almost a billion active users on Twitter and Facebook combined. How many of those are your customers and what are they saying about your brand on social media? How many of those could be your customers? At Wonderlabs we help you connect with your target audience effectively on social media.

Just some of the Industries we specialise in

  • Hotels
  • Tourism
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Estate Agencies
  • Lawyers
10 Reasons to have Social Media Marketing

10 great reasons why your business needs social media marketing

  • 1
    Increase sales

    Your customers are already using social media. Get more business and drive more revenue from these customers

  • 2
    Build relationships

    Build intimate relationships with your target audience to improve customer service and loyalty

  • 3
    Save money

    Save what you’d usually spend on radio, print or television and launch inexpensive marketing campaigns quickly, directly to your target audience

  • 4
    Build trust

    Customers check out brands on social networks before buying. So build trust in your customers to increase conversions

  • 5
    Increase brand awareness

    Increase brand awareness by making yourself visible to your existing customers as well as tapping into new customers that you couldn’t before

  • 6
    Shape your identity

    See what customers are saying about your business on social media, then redefine or reinforce your company perception to them

  • 7
    Improve SEO

    Google loves social signals, so increasing your social presence will improve your search engine visibility when customers are searching for keywords related to your business

  • 8
    Monitor competitors

    Not only are your customers using social media every day, but you can bet your competitors are too. See what the competition are up to, to stay ahead

  • 9
    Recruit talented people

    Social media acts as an excellent and cost-effective scouting network for recruiting talented people to join your company

  • 10
    Make announcements

    Announce special offers and news directly to your customers without relying on them to visit your website

  • 12 Month Social Media Marketing Strategy
    Account Setup with bespoke 12 months strategy

    We’ll setup your social network accounts if you don’t already have them, and then once we’ve discussed your business objectives, we’ll put together a bespoke 12 month social media strategy for you

  • Daily Posts to Social Networking Sites from our Experts
    Daily Facebook and Twitter posts to your followers

    We get to know your business, including your customers, products, services, ethos, message and tone so that we’re in a great position to post relevant and quality content every day on your behalf

  • Social Engagement with Industry Experts
    Interaction with customers and influencers in your industry

    We’ll find influencers and authorities in your industry, then spark conversations and build relationships in order to establish your business as an authority, thus building trust in your customers

  • Dedicated Social Media Account Manager
    Dedicated account manager with monthly reports

    You will be assigned a social media specialist who will take complete care of your campaign, whilst making sure you’re fully in the loop. Regular phone calls and reports will be made to update you on the progress of the campaign

  • Paid Campaigns for reaching a wider audience
    Paid advertising campaign setup and management

    We’re experts in creating paid campaigns on Twitter and Facebook. We’ll define optimised criteria for your campaign to ensure maximum reach and exposure. We’ll then monitor results and tweak the campaign regularly to ensure maximum effectiveness

  • Content Marketing to expand your reach on Social Network Sites
    Expertly-written industry blog post articles

    With bolt-ons, we can establish your brand as an influencer by producing uniquely-written blog posts, specific to your industry. Our team of copywriters are experts in creating informative and sharable content that will dramatically enhance your social media campaign

We guarantee results. But what results should you expect?

It’s important to know that social media marketing isn’t a magic bullet that will instantly increase your sales and conversions. The return on investment is very different to other types of marketing campaigns such as TV, radio, newspapers and SEO. It’s a long term investment that will see an invalueable return in customer relationships, brand awareness and eventual sales. See below what type of return you can expect and how we measure it.

  • Increase in brand awareness on social networks

    Increase in brand awareness

    Social media is one of the most effective ways for new people of your target audience to hear of your brand. Through creating sharable content, social media is an excellent platform to get your name in front of people who may have never heard of you.

    We can measure brand awareness in your campaigns by tracking the increase in growth in followers month on month on Twitter and Facebook. We can break down these followers by demographic to give you better insights into who your target audience really is, which may allow you to tap into untapped markets.

  • Increase traffic to your website throguh social traffic

    Increase traffic to your website

    Although we say social media isn’t a magic bullet to sales, it can definitely affect your bottom line by getting in front of people on social media, this inevitably leads to more people visiting your website, which in turn could lead to more sales or enquiries.

    We’ll report exactly how many of your visitors have come from social networks, allowing you to attribute direct value from your campaign to social media. Google Analytics can also report which visitors from social media resulted in conversions. Also, creating content on social media does wonders for your Google search ranking, resulting in more traffic and conversions.

  • Engage your Audience

    Engage your audience

    When creating posts for your social networks, we can measure how engaged your audience is with the content. We’ll track clicks, retweets, favourites, mentions, replies, likes, comments and follows. This will give us and you an idea of what kind of content your target audience engages with so that we can constantly refine that content moving forward. This reinforces the right message and tone in which to interact with your target audience.

  • Build you customer relationships

    Build amazing customer relationships

    We’re fortunate enough that on socia media, we can now connect with our customers like never before. We can build strong and intimate relationships with them, that builds trust, credibility and an unprecedented level of customer service, in terms of quality and speed. Although, customer relationships are difficult to measure, we can report on things like surveys and questionnaires to your customers to get direct feedback on your brand and their experiences with you.

Why choose Wonderlabs? We’ll let some of our clients tell you...

"Specialist Social Media producing great results"

“We initially tried to hire an in-house social media assistant, but it was far too expensive. Wonderlabs was the perfect alternative as it worked out much cheaper and I had a team of specialists producing great resutls, that I didn’t even have to manage.”

Mark Robins
Marketing manager at The Adventure Travel Group

"These guys know SEO"

“After several poor relationships with “SEO” companies in sussex we were cautious about investing more money into another agency, however when we met the guys at Wonderlabs at their base at Sussex Uni, we were reassured by their knowledge and passion of their industry. Now we have the results we required.”

Peter Treseden
Owner of Toys for Tots.

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