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Content marketing and SEO

to give you the edge over your competitors

We use cutting-edge marketing techniques that drive natural traffic to your site. Not only is everything we do Google-friendly, it’s Google future-proofed. Wonderlabs, reliable SEO Company UK

What is Content Marketing and SEO?

Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are one of the best ways to increase your organic traffic from search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This process involves researching and creating content, such as a blog article for your website, that will resonate with your potential customers. We’ll then use our expertise to make sure that your potential customers will see it online. Using traditional SEO we also make sure that search engines love it, leading to increased traffic from search engines and more business for you.

6 reasons why your business needs content marketing and SEO

  • 1
    Search Engine Visibility

    86% of all online consumers use search engines to find a website they will purchase from. Thanks to our SEO, we make sure you can be found when they’re looking.

  • 2
    Drive Relevant Traffic

    We will make sure that your company site and the content we create is found on as many relevant sites as possible, driving traffic from many different sources.

  • 3
    Increased Sharing

    By having great content and SEO that engages your audience and offers them a better experience on your company site, users are more likely to share you pages, brand and content with their friends on social networks.

  • 4
    Be Talked About

    Through expert research, we discover what kind of content is popular with your audience, create it, then get eyeballs of highly influential people in your industry looking at it, to get your site written about.

  • 5
    Become an Authority

    Google and other search engines regularly look at content you publish, and by showing your knowledge of your niche, it enables search engines to recognise you as an authority in that niche.

  • 6
    Be an Active Brand

    Give confidence to your customers and search engines by showing your business as an active brand that has its finger on the pulse.

  • seo
    Discovering popular content

    We’re great at hunting the most popular articles and posts in your niche from other websites and brands. We make sure that we create similar content to resonate with your potential customers.

  • social
    Industry-related blog posts

    We have highly-skilled copywriters with backgrounds in various industries to ensure that we’re creating high-quality industry standard articles that are sure to interest and engage with your customers.

  • linkbuilding

    Once we have researched and created a fantastic piece of content, we identify relevant sources in which to link from. This means placing links on high authority websites in your niche to order give importance to your company website in the eyes of the search engines. This results in higher positions in search results and more traffic to your site.

  • keyword-optimisation
    Keyword optimisation

    Every time we write an amazing piece of new content, we ensure it is fully optimised and takes advantage of key terms and phrases that are being used by your target audience. Therefore increasing the chance of potential customers stumbling across your content when searching these key terms.

  • seo
    Website optimisation

    We’ll run a complete health check of your site to make sure that it’s 100% search engine friendly. If not, we can jump right into the code of your site and get it ship-shape and shiny so that search engines love it and rank you highly in search results because of it.

  • content-marketing
    Outreach and Brand Awareness

    We increase brand awareness on a massive scale by reaching out and spreading your message to other industry experts and influencers in your niche. We ensure that these authorities talk about and share your message within your industry community.

With our SEO we guarantee results. But what results should you expect?

In today’s market it can be easy to buy into false promises such as ‘number 1 positions in Google within a month’. We don’t do that. When implementing our SEO process, we play by Google’s rules, because when you don’t, you can be kicked out of their search results altogether. We follow Google’s guidelines implicitly and that it’s exactly what they expect from a high authority, well managed and engaging site. By following these rules and creating a fantastic experience for both customers and search engines we can guarantee results that will be long lasting without fear of being banished from Google and other search engines. To date, 100% of our customers enjoy improvements in both rankings and traffic and we wouldn’t offer anything less.

  • Increase traffic to your company website

    One of the most important metrics we measure is traffic to your company website. This is one of the main benefits of content marketing and SEO. Throughout your SEO campaign, we will be naturally increasing the amount of traffic to your site, which will be delivered to you every month in a report that will clearly detail the amount of traffic and where visitors are coming from.

  • Increase search engines rankings

    Because Google gives every person different results when searching for something, dependent on things such as location, we provide ‘average’ search ranking positions as well as search ranking positions for users without the personalised location results. This is an excellent indicator into how visible your company website is to customers searching for your products or services.

  • Increase in sales and enquiries

    By using a bit of magic, we can record actual user experiences on your website. So when customers are landing on your website, we can see exactly how they are using it, which pages they visited, where they bought and where they exited your website. We sit through hours of footage of people using your website to analyse how your customer’s experience can be improved to increase conversions.

  • Increase in brand awareness

    When we create fantastic content for you, we love to track just how fantastic it is. We track social media shares and user comment interactions. This way we know how popular the content has become and what we can do to improve future content that we create for you.

Why choose Wonderlabs? We’ll let some of our clients tell you...

"Specialist Social Media producing great results"

“We initially tried to hire an in-house social media assistant, but it was far too expensive. Wonderlabs was the perfect alternative as it worked out much cheaper and I had a team of specialists producing great resutls, that I didn’t even have to manage.”

Mark Robins
Marketing manager at The Adventure Travel Group

"These guys know SEO"

“After several poor relationships with “SEO” companies in sussex we were cautious about investing more money into another agency, however when we met the guys at Wonderlabs at their base at Sussex Uni, we were reassured by their knowledge and passion of their industry. Now we have the results we required.”

Peter Treseden
Owner of Toys for Tots.

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