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Unique Living

Unique Living contacted us to help improve their search ranking positions through a global SEO campaign. A new site was to follow to cater for the influx of new visitors.

ICP Search

When ICP Search approached us they had a simple brochure site that had served them well, but they were ready for the next level, which meant getting their website to work for them.

Kitchen Door Workshop

Kitchen Door Workshop contacted us to help recover their organic search rankings, after being hit by one of Googles many updates and have become by far one of our best projects to date.

At a glance

  • ICP Search have utilised our web and social media management services to grow their business and and become an authority within their niche recruitment sectors.

With exponential growth in both traffic to the site and conversions, and follower growth across social media networks, ICP have achieved their goal of growth and continue to work alongside us to promote their brand.

Find out more in our case study.

    Web Design & Social
  • When the owner of came to us he already had a very strong presence in the search engines. However after a few bumpy experiences with some Google updates, they felt it was time to solidify these rankings and ensure that the uk dating site went from strength to strength.

    Employing our SEO team led to the identification of some on-site issues, at which point the client decided that he would love a new fresh look to the website. Since launch the site has gone from strength to strength with rankings for a broader set of phrases and traffic numbers still on the rise.

    Web Design & SEO
  • When Mandy from Express Tax Claims came to us she was looking at her various options in terms of improving her new business. A digital marketing campaign was the first step to ensure that she could keep up with her competition. After some success with her SEO the decision to build a new website was the next step.

    Web Design & SEO
  • Unique Living originally approached us after languishing in the rankings and failing to achieve the kind of conversion levels that they required for the luxury property website. Their decision to employ all of our services would lead to one of our most beautiful sites to date and some of the best success.

Find out more in our case study.

    Web Design, SEO & Social
  • One of our oldest clients, Kitchen Door Workshop have employed our SEO services for some time, however the site that they had at the time was poorly coded and struggling to reach it’s SEO potential. Owner Robert Clark decided to take the plunge of building a brand new website to not only achieve the potential in the rankings that it deserved but also to provide a more user friendly website to its many customers.

    Read more about Kitchen Door Workshop.

    Web Design, SEO & Social
  • Bondi Beer an Australian brewery employed our social media services to push their brand online.

  • The Original Gauge Company are the leading gauge manufacturer in the UK, employing our web design services to at first overhaul their brand and re-build their ageing website, they then went on to utilise our SEO services to push this brand up the rankings to concrete their position as one of the leading online Gauge companies. The results were superb.

    Web Design & SEO
  • Ultimate Asset Solutions approached us for a slick brochure site as well as a new brand identity to kick start their business which focussed on companies selling their assets when going into liquidation.

    Web Design
  • IT First were delighted with their website makeover and continue to be supplied with our super fast and mega reliable hosting services.

    Web Design

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