Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2014

So, 2013 was a pretty big year on the design front. From your overly used pastille colours on flat design to your luxurious full sized images to scroll over with dangerously satisfying smooth parallax. Why not take a dive into 2014 and see what we could indulge ourselves with this year.

I honestly think we may not see a dramatic change this year. We have had an incredible amount of flat one-page designs made. I can’t see these moving just yet, if they do it wont be till later on this year. Here are some lovely examples of what were on my flat top lists last year:

Flat design

Michał Jakobsze from Poland gave out a glorious FREE Flat PSD Mockup, containing some of the cleanest Flat Vectors of all Apple devices known to the Web. Why wouldn’t you want this?  –

Another Flat Design

Now this is just one of many incredible sites from last year that went with the flat design. It’s by a Canadian Web Designer from Toronto. He took a slightly more different approach to your average flat designer, but he pulled it off! Go check it out yourself:

I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot more Designers testing their limits with their typography with more Serif fonts. Now I’m a complete sucker for using your standard San Serif fonts (ahem… Helvitica, Proxima Nova, Myriad Pro) But, I think were going to see a lot more of this:

Typography Design

One thing that I think that will be hitting the Web a lot more this year will be Videos on homepages, I don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface on what we could possibly see this year. Personally I think their great, “Actions speak louder than words”. People are more engaged with videos than words nowadays.  Who would want to read 5 paragraphs about what a company does over a 30 second visually appealing video? Not me by a clear mile. Spotify do an amazing job of doing this with their website, top quality video auto playing in the background. Check it out here:

Spotify Website

In 2013 we started to see a slow progression in slide out nav menus. I personally don’t think they are the best for UX at the moment but over time I can see people adapting to them more. I just feel right now people aren’t quite familiar of them. Gradually we will see them being used more and more. For a good reason! Here are some rather appealing ones I saw in 2013:

Slide In Navigation

Moving over to Parallax & large full screen images. Now this started to see a vast amount of people using it on their websites mid 2013. We are going to see a continual theme with this throughout 2014 and if not further than that. Large full screen images, yes, I can see it sticking around for a while. This theme is strongly abused (in a good way) with photographers on portfolio sites. Every time I see one used well, it seems to be far superior to the previous one. The pictures just seem getting more glorious each time I see one. Now this added with parallax seems just seems to be a moment of beaming sunlight through the clouds onto your browser. The gods have summoned another daily fix for a pixel junkie.

Full Sized Image Website
Full Sized Image Website
Full Sized Image Website

Nice huh? Yes these are homepages of websites. Yes, Websites! I know it’s hard to believe, these are just a fraction of the beautiful full sized images on some homepages. I bet you are looking forward to the rest of 2014 now aren’t you? Now after all that I’m sure your looking to share your thoughts on what you think we will see this year. I would love to hear from you!