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About us

We are Wonderlabs. We're a team of extraordinary digital marketing specialists also known as the Wondernauts. We’re here to serve you because we love it.

  • Our Beginnings

    Wonderlabs started in 2012 as a concept thought up by 3 geeks with a vision. We wanted to be able to produce amazing products and services, both to businesses and consumers, with the backdrop being our love for technology, science and astrophysics. We wanted Wonderlabs to be a place where ideas and creativity were blended with logic and know-how.

    We’ve now grown a family known as the Wondernauts who share that same passion as when we started.

  • It’s Rocket Science

    At Wonderlabs we like to create our own reality. Take a look around, we’re almost quite literally living on another planet. But when we’re not gazing at the stars or moonwalking, we’re actually producing some pretty incredible digital marketing campaigns for our clients.

    Each Wondernaut has been carefully selected to join the ranks and carry out the Wonderlabs mission. That mission: to skyrocket our client’s businesses to the moon and back. What does that mean? We talk to you about your goals and objectives and formulate a digital marketing strategy that is aimed at meeting your business objectives. This includes increasing sales, conversions and brand awareness. To some, it’s rocket science. To us, it’s what we do.

  • Let’s meet

    We’d love more than anything for you to step into our world and come have a chat with us in the labs. We love jumping into your headspace and feeding off your enthusiasm for your business. This is what gives us the edge over our competition, allowing you to get the edge over yours. Once we treat your campaign as our own, together we become an unstoppable team in the path to success. So give us a shout today and let’s make something happen together.

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